The 4th International Conference on Molecular Simulation
Oct. 23 - 26, 2016
Shanghai, China
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About the conference

The Asian continent has a rapidly growing community of researchers interested in molecular simulation techniques. Responding to the change, in 2016 ICMS is being expanded into a major international conference following three successful meetings previously held in Japan. The organizing committee of ICMS 2106 consists of experts from Japan, Korea, Singapore, Australia, China Taiwan, and China and the advisors of ICMS 2106 are from some of the best research institutes in the world. ICMS-2016 aims to bring together the international community to share ideas and facilitate collaborations amongst researchers in diverse fields. The conference accepts abstracts under six major themes: (1) theory and method development, (2) soft matter, (3) solid-state materials, (4) biomedical and pharmaceutical systems, (5) nanomaterials and (6) industrial applications. ICMS-2016 will be held in Shanghai, China, from from October 23rd to 26th, 2016.

ICMS 2016 announcement –abstract submission deadline extended

We are delighted to announce that ICMS2016 has received nearly 400 registrations by July 31. Considering summer is a vacation season, the organizing committee has decided to postpone the deadline for abstract submission to 21 August, 2016.

ICMS 2016 welcomes abstracts in the following main themes:

  • Theory and methodology – development of new methods, algorithms, sampling techniques, first-principle or empirical force fields.
  • Soft matter – studies on amorphous states such as liquids, solutions, polymers, colloids, and interfaces.
  • Solid state materials – simulations involving metals, semiconductors, zeolites, ceramics, and surface or interfaces of these materials.
  • Biological and pharmaceutical systems – simulations on biological systems such as proteins, DNA, lipids or drug-design.
  • Nanotechnology – Simulation studies of nanomaterials design, physics and chemistry on nanoscale.
  • Industrial applications – simulations addressing industrial-relevant problems.

Please register and submit your abstract online at your earliest convenience. We will soon enter the stage of evaluating submissions and making conference agenda. We plan to make announcement of tentative agenda by September 23, one month ahead of the conference data.

Special issue of Molecular Simulation for ICMS 2016

We hereby announce that a Special Issue of Molecular Simulation will be published for ICMS 2016. All conference attendees are encouraged to submit studies for publication in this special issue. The details of Molecular Simulation can be found on the journal webpage. More information about the Special Issue of Molecular Simulation for ICMS 2016 will be announced later.

Workshop on ReaxFF -- Methods, Applications and Challenges

Shanghai Jiao Tong university will organize a workshop focused on ReaxFF on Oct 27th, 2016 for ICMS 2016 participants in order to promote the application and development of molecular simulation and force-field method in the related fields such as chemistry, engineering and material science. Reactive Molecular Dynamics is an advanced simulation technique for atomistic-level modelling chemical reactions. The workshop will discuss the theoretical background and methods of ReaxFF and further cover the topics of reactive force-field parametrization, simulation data analysis and enhanced sampling methods.

Visa application for entering China

Attendees who are not Chinese citizens need to apply for a visa to enter China. Please contact the Chinese Embassies or consulates in your country for more information regarding a visa application.

The ICMS organization committee will help you for preparing materials for visa application. Once registration information is complete and the conference fee has been paid, a visa letter will be available for download with an official seal will be issued from ICMS 2016 and Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Conference Announcements

Important dates:

First announcement  2015/11/15
Second announcement  2016/03/15
Registration opens  2016/03/15
Abstract submission opens  2016/03/15
Deadline for early-bird registration  2016/07/31
Deadline for abstract submission  2016/07/31 Extend to 2016/08/21
Third announcement  2016/09/15
On-site registration  2016/10/23
Meeting ends  2016/10/26